Thumbnails of My Eagles Gallery.
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<Ivan, trained male golden eagle.>
<Hooded Golden eagle.>
<Young female Golden Eagle.>
<Trained hunting Golden Eagle.>
<Eagle Country, Yorkshire, England.>
Ivan 1967
Ivan Hooded
Maria at six weeks
Maria, early days
On the Hill
<Golden Eagle feeds young.>
<Golden Eagle with her first egg.>
<Hatching Eagle egg.>
<Young Golden Eagle in the hand.>
  <Golden Eaglet at three weeks old.>
  Foster Mum   Seasons First Egg  
Next Generation
Growing well
G'Kar at 3 weeks
<Eaglet and Goshawk eyas.>
<Golden Eagle wearing a hood.>
<Young eagle hunts hares.>
<Golden Eagle on pole support.>
<Golden Eagle called Edward.>
Eagle & Hawk
Making to the Hood
Learning about hares
Pole support
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