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<Ulaan Baatar city view>
<Mongolian steppe country>
<Frozen lake in Mongolia>
<Shoeing a horse in Mongolian Kazakh style>
<Riding out with the flock of goats and sheep in Mongolia.>      
Ulaan Baatar
The Steppe
Iced Lake
Taking the flock
<Alan Gates meets his first Mongolian eagle.>
  <Alan Gates with Kakiyat hunting with a golden eagle.>   <Kakiyat, a Mongolian Kazakh Eaglehunter.>  
<Alan Gates, mounted with Golden Eagle ready to go hunting.>
  <Alan Gates and Kakiyat looking for foxes with an eagle.>      
First Contact
Kakiyat and I
Ready to Go
Looking for Foxes
<Manai, Eaglehunter.>   <Mongolian Horses>   <Aralbai, Mongolian Eaglehunter.>   <Mongolian horse saddled up.>   <A group of eaglehunters at the eagle festival.>      
The team
Saddled up
The group
<Manai and friend at the Eaglehunters Festival.>
<Mongolian Eagle, berkut.>
<Winner of the 2001 Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia.>
  <Eaglehunters ready for the Festival.>   <Father and Son attend the Eagle Festival.>      
Manai and Friend  
Kakiyats Eagle
Ready to show
Father and Son
<Three Generations of Eaglehunters.>
<Eagle hunter with fox skin.>
  <Marco Polo sheep head.>   <Berkut with a hare.>   <Berkut with a fox.>      
Three Generations
Big Sheep
Berkut with hare
Berkut with fox
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