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Horse shoeing Mongolian style
The horse is essential to the nomad's way of life. The Mongolian horse may be conceded a pony to a western equestrian point of view. It is also conceded an insult to a Mongolian to call his horse a pony, after all, his ancestors conquered most of the known world from the back of these horses in the twelfth century.
They are agile, swift, incredible tough with a stamina to be envied and a disposition that engages your trust as these sure footed mounts take you over mountains ranges and rocky crags.

Some are shod, and everything is home made. One can not fail to admire the skill as a pair of shoes are hammered from heated concrete reinforcing rod, plus a set of nails.

These horses may be on the short side but instead of the back breaking farrier methods of the west. The Kazakh’s flip their horses and bind all four feet together and shoe at almost eye level.

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