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We finally arrive at our destination at a village nestled in the foothills of the Tien Shan Mountains. Daniyar my guide and trip organiser had arranged that we would all stay in the village and travel out each day with a different eaglehunter in turn.
Well you know the saying of “The best laid plans etc.” as it turned out the eaglehunters decided that all three of them would hunt with me every day.
No problems, I was happy with that, they three were pals and joked with each other all day long and they were enthusiastic to welcome me within their group.

This is Ishpay’s berkut, she was the most experienced hunter out of the three eagles that we worked. She was sitting patiently waiting with her owner for our arrival. A welcome sight after such a long journey to come face to face with my very first Kyrgyz berkut.

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