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Siouxzee Munsterlander
The long term plan was at last coming to fruition, my young eagle was now fledged from his mother “Maria” and relaxing in a weathering enclosure. “Siouxzee” was by now quite experienced around hawks and would spend time in the enclosure with the young eaglet.
G’Kar had been dual reared since he was about three weeks old and had had daily excursions from the breeding pen to socialise with the outside world.
The two of them were known to one another from an early stage and very comfortable with each other.
This was my first chance to work an eagle and dog together and I wanted to get it right. A hawk may for some reason or other get a bit frustrated with a dog and occasionally skim over its head, but this would be a nerve racking experience if an eagle gave your dog a glancing clip.
“Siouxzee” was a bit of a rascal but she was too sweet and honest a dog to risk anything, and a true working relationship between eagle and dog was essential.
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