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Dog and hawks
Once the basic training is done and a hawk dog is steady, it is time to introduce he or she to your hawk. A lot depends on if your hawk is already happy with dogs. I had hunted with a large female golden eagle for years who was not tolerant in accepting a dog as part of the close hunting team.
It was only when I felt it might be possible to breed another eagle from her that I started dreaming of adding a good dog to the team.
This time I wanted the dog ready before the new eagle arrived. This photograph shows “Siouxzee” my munsterlander getting use to a young Redtail hawk reared to this stage by “Maria” my female eagle.
“Siouxzee” was always respectful in the close company of hawks, she was gentle and level headed which was a great help in the early stages of hawk and dog introductions.
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