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Falconry and Munsterlander

“Siouxzee” really came into her own when working with a gos. “Little Jerry” was my first gos she worked with.

Jerry had been first trained in Germany and was experienced with dogs and the way she took to “Siouxzee” it felt she might have previously worked with a munsterlander or at the very least a black and white dog.

By now “Siouxzee” was an experienced game finder and loved every minute out hawking. She was so good to work with that she made hawking thick cover and any scruffy wood a real pleasure and such fun.
We found game in places that I never expected, if it was there she would root it out. No cover was too dense or too thorny, if game was in there so was she and if she heard the hawk bells above her it made the urgency to flush out the quarry demonic.

For further reading try “1993, The Year of the Dog ” or "Born to Hunt"
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