Thumbnails of Hawk Dog Gallery.
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<Munsterlander with Redtail hawk eyas.>
<Munsterlander with an American Redtail hawk.>
<Munsterlander with a young eagle.>
<Working Munsterlander with goshawk and falconer.>
<Munsterlander on point.>
Siouxzee with Redtail eyas
Saying Hi
With G'Kar
Jerry, Siouxzee & I
In the wood
<Munsterlander with Golden Eagle.>
<Munsterlander working the hill with an eagle.>
<Munsterlander and Golden Eagle in a van.>
  Munsterlander swimming looking for game.>   <Munsterlander working dog.>  
With G'Kar in training  
On the Hill
Going Home
Working in water
Good to Jump
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