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Chinese Saker Falcon
At home the falcons have pride of place and are often sitting on the table edge or the back of a chair.
Hooded or not they are very calm, so calm that you tend to forget they are there until a head needs scratching or a wing stretching.

Whilst I drank tea with Mr. Zhou he taught me to weave the red fine thread that make the jesses and leash for the falcons.
The multiply loops of thread are all hooked in their centres to a fixed point. In our case the leg of the main table, each loop end is hooked over one of your fingers until all of your fingers on both hands are snared.
The skill is remembering the complex over finger weaving pattern that is repeated time and time again, as gradually the woven cord grows.

Sadly it is an ancient art that is being replaced by modern materials that are more simplistic and soulless in comparison.

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