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Magpies and hawks
Success and the culmination of a flight at a black and white magpie. I use the term black and white as we also hunted the common bluepie, which seemed to be a little more gregarious.

Lü hunted his hawk each day and once he caught a pie he would feed her up on the kill and retire from hunting for the day.

The hawk would wait for him to open up the quarry and help her to the get to the tastier organs and some of the breast meat. He would also pour some bottled water over the meat as she ate.

I found it wonderful to watch the care and attention to detail towards his hawk this young man possessed. He was a big strong young man with a gentle caring disposition and this hawk was in very good hands.

He would release her in a few months time and I really believe this hawk would be all the better off in her future life, for having been in the care of Mr. Lü for a few months of her life.

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