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Fishing in Poyang Lake China
After my enjoyment fishing with the Cormorant fishermen of Yunan I was eager to find more cormorant fishermen on my next visits to China.

There was always the famous fishermen of Gullin who did display fishing for the tourists money. Amongst the real fishermen it is known that the cormorant breeders and traders sell their most useless birds to these tourist showmen.

I did not want to sit in a smart motor boat watching a display, I wanted to find the real deal. This brought me to one of the nations largest freshwater lakes and to the city of Wucheng, which is situated on a low hill where the rivers of the Gan and Xiu empty into Poyang Lake.

Here I met Yang Shuyun a cormorant fisherman who’s family had been in the trade for generations, but who’s own sons had decided it was no longer profitable to follow their father.

The lake is polluted and overfished by net fishing and trap fishing, and the illegal use of dynamite and electric fishing, this is a dying art.

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