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Naxi hawking and falconry
In the foothills that surround the Snow Jade Mountain are numerous small cultivated fields. They are all interspersed with patches of wild jungle, deep ravines, streams and pine woodland. This is wonderful habitat for the prized quarry the pheasant.

These are all truly wild pheasants and are hunted hard so only the fittest and extremely wily birds live to breed the following year. Hence as each year passes the pheasants become better and better at staying alive and offer some superb sport.

These fields rise to over nine thousand feet, and with the tough terrain and thick undergrowth to deal with you can soon start to feel the effects of altitude sickness with the exertion.

We had a pack of mixed dogs which spent most of their time in the undergrowth. They had a wonderful time and flushed any pheasant they came across but we seemed to lack a bit of joined up hunting technique.
Dogs and Goshawks seemed to do their own thing, if by chance it all came together all the better. Either way fun was had by all.

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