Thumbnails of Chinese Goshawk Falconry Gallery.
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<Falconry in South China>
<Goshawk and pointing dog>
<Goshawk hunting in China>
<Trained Goshawk being fed>
<Trained adult goshawk>
Meeting Mr.Li Shi
At Home
Jade Snow Mountain


Li Shi with Gos
<Goshawk for sale in the market>
<Muslim falconer in China>
<Falconers on the bus>
<Chinese falconer and I>
<Hawking hares in China>
Street Seller
On the bus
Ma & I
Hill Hawking
<Looking for hares>
<Feeding on a kill>
<Hare caught>
<One for the pot>
<two hares for the pot>
Gone to ground
Feeding on a kill
Holding the tail
A good hare
Two good hares
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