Links to friends, guides and companies / organisations I have used and thoroughly recommend.
Jane Yeo, Beijing Guide
Jane Yeo is probably the best Guide in Beijing. If you want to see the cultural sites of this famous city she is the guide that will make your stay enjoyable and memorable. If like me you throw at her arduous and difficult locations throughout rural China using at times demanding travel and living conditions she is a resourceful and imaginative guide.

Her website is detailed and dedicated for the traveller to China, through this site you can find good priced accommodation, sensible priced internal flights and arrange personal itineraries.
Also check out her Beijing Guide recommendation site.


Daniyar, Kyrgyz Guide
Daniyar Abdurahmanov customised his service as summer guide to my requirements to find and hunt with the best "berkutchi" eaglehunters in Kyrgyzstan. I spent a memorable visit to the southern shores of Lake Issyk-kul in the foothills of the Tien Shan mountains.
Should you wish to visit Kyrgyzstan then Daniyar is the person to Contact. He has a wonderful guest house in Osh.
A site where I can add images that are outside of the falconry sphere, if you are interested in images of some of the places I have visited, then here are a few. My first small galleries are from my China tours but later as time allows I will add other places of interest.
George Lodge Trust
George Edward Lodge Trust.
George Edward Lodge 1860 - 1954, wildlife artist, naturalist and falconer, was born in Horncastle in Lincolnshire, England. He was an accomplished taxidermist and a great sportsman. He was also a prolific illustrator and I loved his work in Jack Mavrogordato's book "A Hawk for the Bush"
Ken Hooke, Canadian falconer
Ken Hooke of Falconry Hoods International is committed to reflect the passion, hand crafted quality and integrity of the "old master hood makers".

Here is a man who loves making hoods and is dedicated to providing high quality leather hoods at an affordable price which is supported by excellent customer service.

Kent Madin and Linda Svendsen
Boojum Expeditions.

Kent Madin and Linda Svendsen of Boojum Expeditions who lead uncommon adventure travel
for small groups of intrepid, informed traveller. to Mongolia Tibet Patagonia and Uruguay.

In 1998 they established a wholly owned Mongolian tourism company, Khovsgol Lodge Management Company, in the capitol of Ulan Bator. In 2004, Kent was only the second foreigner to receive the "Outstanding Leader in Tourism Development" award from the Mongolian Government.

Echo Films


Echo Film Productions presents WORLD OF RAPTORS, the most comprehensive video program on North American Birds of Prey. Narrated by actress Joanne Woodward and presenting international raptor authority Morley Nelson.

Austringer journal
The Welsh Hawking Club.
The Austringer is the year journal of The Welsh Hawking Club of which I have been a member since 1967.
The journal is of excellent quality and reflects that the heart of this club is hunting in the field with well managed raptors and superb working dogs.
Falconers Magazine
The Falconers and Raptor Conservation Magazine.
Offering a wide spectrum of articles on raptors and Club news this magazine is now the longest surviving independent published raptor magazine in the U.K. which is proof of its quality.
Robert Fuller, wildlife artist
Robert Fuller has a wonderful wildlife art website which is really worth a visit.
Japanese falconry hoods
The wonderful artistry of Japanese falconry hoods by Sugisaki, Atelier Falconoid.
Bronze hawk
Alan Glasby is one of those truly gift people, his work is out of this world, he just seems to get better and better.
If you live in the UK, go visit one of his exhibitions, if not visit his site and be prepared to be wowed

Northern Goshawks. This is a really interesting site owned by a Mr. Joerg Frye of Northern- Westphalia, Germany.

If you are looking for big powerful hunting goshawks this breeder is worth checking out.

REF Eagle
About the Raptor Education Foundation...
"The only wildlife theatre company in America promoting science to cure Nature-Deficit Disorder"
REF logoThe Raptor Education Foundation (REF) has been promoting environmental literacy since 1980 by providing schools, corporations, conventions, and gatherings of all sizes unique programs and seminars that connect people with the natural world. REF utilises an extensive cast of live, non-releasable raptors to focus attention on environmental concepts and issues. Other environmental Consulting Services are also available. These consulting services benefit from REF's extensive natural history experience and network of associations at an international level. REF has field experience in Africa, the Caribbean, Micronesia, Fiji, Mexico, Central and South America, Australia, Indonesia, and Russia.
Fidget's Freedom, a superb children's book.
by Stacey Patterson, illustrated by Vadim Gorbatov
June 12, 2006 Denver: After a five and a half year peregrination, the Fidget's Freedom project has produced the finest product in the children's genre dealing with one of the few success stories about restoring an endangered species back to viable levels. Congratulations to Stacey Patterson, the author for her great story, and Vadim Gorbatov for his exquisite illustrations.
The second book, Fidget's Folly, has already been story-boarded and final illustrations will begin later this year. The final book, Fidget's Family, brings Fidget's story full circle as she becomes a parent and raises her own family.

The world´s only multilingual falconry and bird of prey portal.

Beatriz Candil Garcia is a Spanish falconer and raptor lover, an author of several published books

including "The Redtail Hawk" recently available in English.

Visit Zyra's Falconry Links for some useful falconry links. Also a visit to the home page of which is an amazing encyclopaedic resource of thousands of pages covering almost anything you can think of.
Lendales Farm, Two static caravans for holiday let on a friendly mixed farm in the Vale of York, England. Just at the foot of the North York Moors and just a short drive away from the costal towns of Scarborough and Whitby.
Raptor Photography
Mark Warrillow-Thomson's has a great passion for Birds of Prey and is an excellent photographer, I enjoyed his website with a gallery which contains 268 images which I am sure he will keep adding too.
Carl Church raptor taxidermy
Carl Church Bird TaxidermistA specialist bird taxidermist with a flair and love for raptors, Carl Church is a dedicated artist to his craft. If you are looking for a particular mounted specimen or have a need to have one mounted then visit Carl’s site, you won’t be disappointed.
Link from Eaglefalconer