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Falconry Talks by Alan Gates
Falconry Festival 2009, Reading, UK.
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Beijing Guide is a new site from Jane Yeo, one of the best guides in China.
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Best Pigeon Whistles outside China.
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The purpose of this site is to share my experiences of the Golden Eagles that have been a large part of my life, with anyone who may be interested.

From my early days as a young boy flying my first male golden eagle above the wind batted cliffs of my home island of Jersey in the Channel Islands, I had always been in awe of the eagle masters of Central Asian history.

Three decades later I was to live and ride with the “berkutchi” in the Kyrgyz Tien Shan and Mongolian Altai mountains.

Within this site you will find many articles I have written for a number of different falconry publications of my personal experiences flying my own Golden Eagles and my adventures in Central Asia.

The Popular addition is the Photo Gallery, this is not just a small collection of odd snapshot photos, but over one hundred images in numerous chapters all with a short story. The chapters cover
My Eagles
, My Goshawks, My Hunting Dog, and my adventures in Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan and China.

Now with the new addition of the American Falconry chapter the PhotoGallery contains 159 photo page essays. Possible the biggest falconry image gallery on the net.

The chapter on Chinese falconry is so big it covers four subchapters of its own.
The PhotoGallery is a place to drop into time and time again as I defy anyone to read it all in one sitting.

Three new prints have been added to the Vadim Gorbatov gallery.
Vadim Gorbatov, Kublai Khan's Hunting Party
Japanese Falconer by Vadim Gorbatov
Kublai Khan's fabulous Hunting Party
Vadim Gorbatov, Fredrick II, Marco Polo
Hunting Party scene from Frederick II  
Vadim Gorbatov wildlife gallery

Also a new section, Falconry Detective is a place where interesting photographs or falconry items that need a little bit more information, can you help.
may your wings enjoy the wind,

Alan Gates.

Eagle Jess